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Manusis 4

Manusis 4.0 is an asset management solution that is developed by internationally certified professionals with proven experience in the areas of operation, maintenance, facilities and projects in various industrial and facilities segments.

Unlike similar market solutions that complement an ERP or as an expert system with integration possibilities, Manusis 4.0 is a system that can be implemented and growing functionality according to the growth of customers, in other words, our customer can start with a simple solution like Manusis Lite and, as your business grows, change your subscription plan to the most complete versions, Enterprise or Corporate.

It is a 100% web-based solution, hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Service) with the application Manusis Mobile, the most complete in the market, and is prepared for the current demands of industry 4.0.

The plugins, and specialized modules based on the WCM methodology will help you to seek operational excellence with Manusis Insights monitoring critical assets in time with triggering orders, actions, and alerts, among other possibilities in a fully automated and intelligent way.

Quick Facts

  • Manusis4 is an Enterprise Asset Management offering to our customer’s software, hardware (sensors) and connectivity to manage all asset life cycle
  • 30+ modules, including WCM modules, IoT modules and Machine Learning modules
  • Presence in 3 countries – USA, Brazil and Portugal
    Manusis HQ in Peoria, IL and offices in Boston, MA and Miami, FL
  • 80+ employees in software development and engineering, marketing and sales and operations.
  • 4M+ assets managed by Manusis4 in 300+ customers.
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