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INTEGRIS Group is a development company. A one stop shop for your manufacturing needs. Whether it’s developing products, processes, or automation, the approach is the same. Define the business need and technical requirements and put the appropriate pieces together to satisfy both. INTEGRIS is able to execute an entire program or any step of the process. We work closely with our customers and suppliers. The secret is teamwork. INTEGRIS Group is an extension of our customer’s organization. Through collaboration and teamwork, we accomplish more. We incorporate diversity in thought and disciplines. Utilize world class best practices, hardware, and software. Ultimately, we strive to enjoy what we do and make the world better. That’s why we love engineering.

Quick Facts

  • Engineer owned and operated
  • Product Development expertise to access new markets or gain more market share
  • Automation Development to solve complex manufacturing problems or eliminate unfilled job openings
  • Prototyping, Procurement, and Assembly to bring everything together
  • Industrial Controls and Robotics that optimize the manufacturing process
  • Full suite of advanced modeling and simulation engineering tools
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