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Tada Cognitive Solutions


Tada Cognitive Solutions is changing the way business is conducted.  Our digital platform ingests information from varied data sources and synthesizes that data to create a Digital Duplicate® of your business.  The Digital Duplicate® is a digital representation of your entire operation, allowing you to explore connections between previously siloed pieces of data.  Decision makers can now immerse themselves in their business data, using it as a catalyst for digital transformation and operational change.

Tada’s Digital Duplicate® a new way of organizing data that starts with a framework based on how you think about your business, rather than one dictated by the rigid constraints of your data sources. Consider it a digital model of your entire business. This digital model is formed by mapping the language of your business – the terms, metrics, and KPIs that drive your operation – to your existing data.

Quick Facts

Currently serving six major industries including Manufacturing, Distribution Networks, Healthcare, Insurance, Consumer Packaged Goods, Education

70+ employees in areas including software development, product engineering, sales and marketing

Headquartered in Peoria, IL with a satellite office in Chicago, IL

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