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Member Spotlight: INTEGRIS Group

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Sometimes an idea sparks but never fully comes to life due to engineering hurdles. One local company, however, looks to eliminate those hurdles by offering engineering, manufacturing and other product development services to clients.

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Based out of East Peoria, INTEGRIS Group was founded on the core principles of engineering. The company is engineer owned, and they develop their own products. But the team also assists in the creation of startup companies and partner with existing companies to provide solutions, ensuring that every client is competitive in their respective markets.

Their vision is to become a top-tier product development company that has the global ability to take a product from an idea to a world-class product without leaving their hands. Part of this process is by having an excellent relationship with their customers. Co-founder, Andy Berberich, describes their process:

We’ll develop a solution for the customer, working closely and collaboratively with that customer. We also have a lot of advanced tools so we can not only work towards a better solution by working closely with the customer but we’ll validate that virtually. So, before we buy one robot, buy one conveyor, cut one chip, the solution is fully validated.”

Andy Berberich, Co-founder of INTEGRIS Group

Integris serves a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, agriculture, medical technology and mining. Among their list of clients are the U.S. Army, Georgian Aerospace, Fram Filtration and EcoThermics.

The company has been featured twice in InterBusiness Issues of Peoria Magazine for their partnerships with Premier Fabrication and two Chicagoland inventors. Integris helped to design and build barge spouts with Premier Fabrication and helped the two inventors bring their smart drone delivery mailbox to life. These successful partnerships are prime examples of ones that Integris has made over the years.

The team at Integris has years of experience and knowledge in industries across the board. Their capabilities are split up into different departments: analysis, design, electrical engineering and software development, project management and testing.

Integris is also a member of the Greater Peoria Manufacturing Network, and sees the network as an extension of their own company. They are proud to be associated with other organizations in the area, and believe their combined products and services are unsurpassed.

To learn more about Integris Group, visit their website or follow them on LinkedIn.

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