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Enercon Engineering Celebrates 45th Anniversary

Congrats to Enercon Engineering on celebrating its 45th anniversary! GPMN is proud to have you as valued member of our network.

Enercon has an impressive history and an inspiring origin:

“Enercon was founded in 1975 by Ed Tangel & Bill Rogers, along with Bill Steele, Bill Phelps & Diz Small. Or, “EB3 & D” – that was a fun way to say it – which is consistent with one of Ed’s fundamental purposes for starting Enercon… to have fun! After all, if we are to spend a 1/3rd of our lives together, it will be better for all if we do so in a way that is fun, engaging and enjoyable. To greet each day with a smile, with passion and commitment to help others, authentically engaged in the moment, creating custom solutions for ourselves and our customers, employees and partners – this is Ed’s philosophy, and it permeates throughout our organization.”

Learn more about Enercon’s story and services.

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